Teaching Tuesday

I know, I know, I really should be getting to work: writing my welcome letter to parents, figuring out my classroom set-up, PLANNING, you know the important stuff, but I got a little inspired. For me that means and off task! Couldn't help it.
Every year I take photos of my students and display them in my classroom. Last year they were used on a Book Recommendation Chart. This year I thought it would be nice to frame the pictures. It would definitely give a warm feeling to the room.
Since money is tight, and I like to start projects that take up way too much of my time, I decided to MAKE frames. Here is where my inspiration started Upcycle-This.

Then I saw this frame made completely from things around the house. Here are the super simple instructions.

I started making my magazine sticks (photo to the right) yesterday and only have about 40 made. Instead of gluing the sticks to shoe boxes I am going to use smaller boxes like from mac & cheese or pasta (Lord knows I have enough of those.). That way I won't have to make 60 sticks for one frame. I will post when I finish so you can see the results.
Are any of you starting any relatively simple projects? Do share!