Thanksgiving Art

Here is my attempt at this amazing blogger's project. Ollie had fun "coloring" with his Crayolas but even more fun wearing his "hat". We also made one for cousin Lucas to wear at our Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you Mer Mag for this cute craft.
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Family Photo Holiday Cards? Yes or No?

The ever popular holiday photo card, love it or hate it? I don't know about you, but I  get annoyed when I receive a holiday card with a beautiful family photo, but not even one hand written word from the sender. Yes, I love seeing the pictures of the little ones, but I feel a little cheated that most of the time the sender doesn't do anything but address the card (sometimes not even that). So, I am trying to balance it out and indulge in the photo card but also write a little something to personalize it a bit. Here are a few I am thinking about.
                                These two adorable cards come from Pinhole Press
This sweet and simple card is one of Tiny Prints many photo card options


Teaching Tuesday

"Books We've Read Together" Bulletin Board
I got this idea from pinterest. This is my shot at it. Not as pro looking as this, but I'm happy with it. My students' faces make me smile every time I walk by the bulletin board.

Sick Day

Today was a sick, stay at home in pajamas day for me and my little Ollie. We are both feeling under the weather. I am not complaining because I love any extra cuddle time but what do you do when your babes are sick? We have been sleeping, coloring, reading books and watching Curious George.

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Are You Prompt When Sending Thank You Cards?

I have really procrastinated with sending Christmas thank you cards, now I have more to write for my birthday which has come and gone! How are you at getting "thank-yous" out quickly? I found some inspiration around the web to get me motivated, now I just need to get my hands on some of these adorable cards!
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I hope you have a few minutes today to look through some of these amazing photos.


New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve at my cousin's house. We had too much fun.
Thanks Chris we love you all!


happy new year

 Happy New Year readers! Scott and I went out on a date this past weekend (thanks to our friend Amy)! While we were sipping some drinks at our first stop Urban Solace, I decided to make a "2012 Bucket List" instead of a "Resolution". I guess they are essentially the same, but the Bucket List somehow gets me a little more motivated to accomplish the things on it. Maybe because it is somewhat of a checklist, and the Type A personality in me loves that. Anyway, here is my -work in progress- 2012 Bucket List:

In case the crumpled bar napkin is hard to read, here is the typed list below:

2012 Bucket List (in no particular order)
1. Text less- this photo brings back memories!
2. Talk with friends more
3. Run
4. Listen to more music
5. Put myself in other people's shoes before making quick judgments
6. Go more places
    -hike Cowles Mtn.
7. Try new cocktails - I have never had a "go to" cocktail that I order. Have any good ones you can share?
8. Save $ to take a trip to San Francisco this summer
9. Get 2 massages (at least)

Did you make any resolutions? Please share! I love hearing about other people's hopes and dreams to make our lives just a little bit better.

Here is a cute New Year activity to do with kids (my students will be working on this tomorrow).


Christmas Time is NOT Over at Our House


Usually, by December 30th Christmas decorations in my house are already being taken down, but this year I need Christmas to linger a little longer. It always goes by too quickly and when the decorations do come down my house goes from cozy and warm to bare and cold. When do you start "deChristmasing" your home?
My dad gave us a new decoration to add to our little home. I love it so much I might keep it up all year- minus the ribbons and ornaments. I think it would look great with these little lights from Restoration Hardware. What do you think?

Starry String Lights