Making Time to Spend with Dear Friends

My friend of 30 years emailed me today and asked if I wanted to take a 1-night getaway. My answer was a resounding YES! A little sun, time with my best friends and nothing else (except the drinks in our hands as we sit poolside). Now the hard task of nailing down a date for the getaway. It is not easy to coordinate schedules of three working moms.
How do you and your friends manage to keep in touch and make time for each other? I would LOVE any and all suggestions!

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  1. YES! Drinks, dinner a jaunt to the mall...we MUST take the time to play with our friends! In June my girlfriends and did "A-Day-In-Vegas" trip. We arrived at 9:00AM and left at 9:00PM. SO much fun. Would it have been better to spend the night? Yes, but we take what we can get Mamacitas!!