Cool App

My brother sent me this cool little photo collage that he made on his phone! It's called "photoshake". Love it!


Planning Oliver's First Birthday

My little baby is turning one! Where has the time gone? Seriously, where? I have heard so many adults throughout my life say this when they are talking about how fast their children grow up, but come on!! I never believed it would really feel this fast. There are moments that it feels like months have just flown by, but at the same time I don't remember what I did with my time before him. Craziness.
I have decided not to throw a big first birthday for Oliver. The party will consist of mostly family. But, I do want to do a few special things. Since his birthday is in May I have been inspired by Maypoles.

I plan on using these bright and cheerful colors to decorate. Check out this amazing rainbow cake. I know it looks like quite an undertaking for someone who has trouble following a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe, but I have to give it a try!