Break for Now

I will have to take a blogging break for now. All of my time is being taken up with work and family. I am NOT complaining. I plan on posting again in the not so distant future. :)


First Days of Daycare!

We have survived the first 3 days of daycare! Oliver seems to really like his teacher but is refusing the bottle! I was so upset and worried about it yesterday when I picked him up because I thought for sure on the second day he would give in and take it, ah, no! (looks like I've got a little stubborn guy). My fear of him not eating at daycare gave me the will power I needed to stop breast feeding during the day. I never thought this would bother me so much but it really does. I will probably start again after I know that he is consistently taking the bottle. I'm sorry to say that until then boobs will only be available at the late night feeding. When I got home I needed to try to give him a bottle (the thought of it made me cringe) so I poured myself a glass of wine to relax a little before the screaming started. But to my complete surprise and utter happiness, he drank 5oz right away! He must have been really hungry because he didn't make one little whimper in refusal. He didn't do as well at daycare, but did eat a little more than he did the first two days so we're making bits of progress.
If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!


My Mantra: "For Pete's Sake, Stop Worrying."

I am returning to work this week! I am trying to stay positive and optimistic so I don't loose it when I  take Oliver to daycare. I am confident that he will be great because he will be in competent hands but I'm going to miss hugging and kissing him all day!

I have always been a worry wort. When I was about 8 years old my dad wrote this quote on my alligator chalkboard, "Don't worry about things you can't control, only about things you can." I have repeated this to myself over the years and will never forget him writing that for me. So many years later I still need a reminder about not worrying! So, when I saw this in Real Simple magazine I had to cut it out and put it on my chalkboard (I wish I still had the alligator one). It makes me smile and think of my dad (and his name is Peter!).

Oliver 3 Months

Oh my goodness time is flying by my little guy is 3 months old!

What he's doing: smiling, cooing (sounds like a little bird), lifting his head and supporting it for a longer time on his own, laughing (Well I've only heard it twice, but it was the BEST!). He has started to want mommy more than he used to, which is going to make starting daycare this week a little rough. Oh and he decided he doesn't want the bottle anymore! This is going to be an interesting week!

First Attempt at Curtains

Ok, so I can't really call this a "sewing" project because no needle and thread was necessary but it was a measurement project and I am NOT good at measurement! I know that seems silly because how hard could it really be. If you use measuring tape, it seems like it should be a no brainer. However, for me it is not so simple, you should see how many holes have been drilled into my apartment walls because of poor measuring!
I decided to move some curtains around in my house once again! My husband must think I am crazy ( I do this a lot.). I had white curtains from Ikea hanging in my bedroom that I wanted to move into the kitchen.
So with a little measuring, cutting and ironing a hem (GENIUS idea!) here they are.

I am happy with them. I would love to have a pattern curtain in the kitchen one day, but for now I have to work with what I've got.

Nate Berkus Show!

Like many of you I first saw the designer Nate Berkus on Oprah. I loved his simple, comfortable yet beautiful take on home decorating. I will never forget a home make-over he did for a woman in Miami. I LOVED the color scheme and was obsessed with all the details right down to the window coverings. I am pretty sure I saw it in Oprah's magazine, but haven't been able to find it in any archives on Oprah or Nate's site. SO... needless to say I am VERY excited that he will be having his own show. Looks like one more show will be recording on my DVR while I am back to work. :)


Best Braid

All photos from Instyle

I am loving this style of braid! It has elegance and simplicity. Plus it reminds me of The Sound of Music (one of my favorite movies). Do you think it would be hard to do? I am going to give it a go and let you know.


Teaching Tuesday- Ouch!

I was watching the Today Show earlier this morning and they did a feature on a school in L.A. that cost $587 million dollars to build! Being a teacher at an old, falling apart school that doesn't even have air conditioning this news really feels like a slap in the face. I am happy for the population of students who will benefit from such an amazing facility (and jealous of the teachers); however, as a state we are being hit with so many cut backs and teacher layoffs that this really does hurt. What are your thoughts?


J. Crew Fall Collection

Photo from stylelist.com

If you haven't seen this get ready for greatness! It is a behind the scenes look at J. Crew's Fall Collection. I am in love, right down the the lipstick color!


Oliver 12 Weeks

He is growing so fast right before our eyes! New things he can do: Take a bottle (hallelujah!), smile at faces and noises, grab blankets and his own hair (which hurts him and causes him to cry),  and suck on a pacifier (Nuk is his brand of choice.). We are loving every minute with him!

Happy Weekend!

 Only a few more weekends of summer! What are you planning on doing to enjoy it? Here is my family's summer activity list:


Home Design Ideas- Frame Wallpaper

Graham & Brown
I am so in love with this wallpaper! It has a sort of Royal Tenenbaums feel to it. I am trying to decide which room to put it in my stepson's or the baby's. I think it would work in either so maybe I should hang it in both! Ah, the possibilities...


I am Having a J Crew Love Affair

I am loving the colors, textures, and cuts of all of these pics from JCrew! I want to figure out a way I can some how pull off purchasing that bomber jacket. It is just perfect!
Mara suede wedges
Bomber Jacket
Buffalo check boy shirt
Paper poplin workshirt


Teaching Tuesday-Test Scores

The results of my students state test scores have been released, the wait is over. I usually get really excited to see my students test scores. I know that sounds so nerdy, but it's true! Many teachers will debate me on this topic, but I kind of grade myself according to how well my students perform. The state test is the only tangible proof that my students retained what was learned throughout the school year. I know you can't measure a student's intelligence or academic growth with just one test, but like I said it's as close to tangible proof as I am going to get .
All year my students learn and study state standards which they are then tested on. If my job is to ensure they understand the grade level standards then I should take responsibility for their test scores (to a degree of course). I know there are MANY other outside factors involved with student achievement and many people put the blame on them when achievement is low, but discount them when achievement is high. I can't do that. I need to feel that I can make a difference and that what I'm doing matters. Otherwise why am I teaching?

Well when I viewed the results today my heart sank. I really have to get my head around what I did or didn't do last year that attributed to their decline. The feeling of helping students toward academic progress is thrilling and I need to feel that again!

What do you think about this? I really can't believe it was printed, poor teacher!


Lash Out!

My new favorite mascara: Lashblast Length by CoverGirl. I was in desperate need of a new mascara and I gave this one a try. It works wonders on lengthening my lashes. My favorite feature is that it comes with a cap that can replace the brush when you are not using it. Genius!

Dare I?

I have been trying to make a decision on a mobile for too long! At the rate I'm going he'll outgrow it by the time I decide on one. I have this crazy idea that I can make one for him. Yikes, not too sure about this. I found a very cute pattern online. It looks easy enough and it would be so much fun picking out the fabrics! But...do I have the time??? I really don't want to start it and have another unfinished project. However; if I did learn how to do this I could teach my students. It would make for a very cute class project or gift. Hmmmmm.

Here are some great fabrics I might use. I found all of them on Etsy.

Elephants on Gray


Friday Photo

I hope you have wonderful plans for this beautiful weekend! Enjoy :)

Here is my smiley little O, 11 weeks!

Local Treasure

My sweet friend Sara told me about an local baby boutique awhile ago and I just made it in there today. They had some very cute products! Isn't it interesting that although I feel guilty spending more than $40 dollars on a tee shirt for myself I have no problem justifying spending that on a teeny tiny onesie for Oliver.
Here are some things I have my eye on (Well some of these things I'm dreaming about!):
1. Baby Jogger                                                    
2. Tummy Tub
3. Swimava Pool
4. Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier
5. Elephant Onesie
6. Stokke High Chair
7. Baby Lulu






I have to admit that it wasn't until recently that I was an Ikea fan. I don't know if my style has changed or theirs has, but I LOVE it now. I had a few minutes to sit down and look through the new catalog the other night and here are a few of my favorites:
In order of appearance: Kivik Chaise $399.00
(In the catalog they had two of them next to each other so it looked like a very deep love seat. I love that idea!)
Ikea 365+ Brasa Pendant Lamp $49.99
Vilmie Figur Cushion Cover $10.00 (Love this pattern.)
Vilmie Rund Throw $12.99, Sofia Fabric $7.99/yd
(In the catalog they had a really cute oversized pillow made from this fabric.)
Britten Dorr Fabric $3.99/yd
(I was thinking about using this to make a shower curtain for the boys' bathroom)
Alvine Rand Rug $159.00
Vika Alex Drawer Unit $79.99
(In the catalog they have a few of these drawer units next to each other. It looks really organized and sleek.)
Barometer Work Lamp $49.99

After looking at the Ikea web site I just discovered you can download images of one of their featured designers' fabrics to your desktop! Isn't that cool???

Hello Bottle!

My wonderful, fantastic, beautiful friend Amy fed Oliver a BOTTLE today!! She came over my house at 9am to give it a go and she was successful! I couldn't be happier. She is a saint so I had to take a picture of her and Ollie this morning after the momentous event.

The bottle we used was a Tommee Tippee. Not sure if it mattered what type of bottle it was but that happened to be the one we were using this morning.


Back to Work

Ok, so I don't have to go back to work for a few weeks still, but I am trying to get myself pumped up so I don't get too sad! I need to surround myself with working moms right now to convince myself that I can do this and I am not alone!  One of my inspirations is a fantastic teacher named Angela Bunyi. I discovered her web site a few years ago and constantly go to it to get great ideas. She is amazing! I want to be her when I grow up. :) My other idols are all the wonderful teachers that I work with. They have already been such a big help.


Friday Night Dinner

Our family's friday dinner usually consists of pizza and salad, but tonight I'm trying something new a Brooklyn Ricotta Roll. It looks so good in this photo! I will let you know how it turns out.
Recipe and photo are from Real Simple.


Not Quite!

I was so excited to go shopping and not have to buy maternity clothes and of course my first stop was Anthropologie.

(This is not me) Photo from Anthropologie website.

I got these pants and was oh so hopeful I could pull this off, uh...not quite. I really wish I could but unfortunately they are not flattering on me at all. If anyone has these and loves them PLEASE send a picture I would love to see them looking cute on someone. 

Weekend Recap

Our one year anniversary was this past weekend. My very dear friend came over to babysit so we could go out to dinner alone (for the first time since Oliver was born)!  We went to a great little spanish restaurant in ode to our honeymoon in Barcelona.  The food was great and all the waiters were Spanish! It was perfect. Here is a picture of us sitting at the bar waiting for our tapas (sorry it's not so great).

The next day we enjoyed the beautiful weather at Balboa Park. Such a wonderful relaxing weekend. Thanks again Amy!!!!!!!


Book of the Week

I am embarrassed to say I haven't purchased this book yet; however, I am so excited about getting it. I think it will have to be on a to do list for this weekend! If you have it please give me your review!