New Favorites

TOMS Silver Glitters

Notice these are all slip-on shoes which are VERY convenient when you can't see/reach your feet to tie or buckle shoes!

Arc Lamps

Lately I have been loving arc lamps. Here are a few that I have been thinking about for our living room. I'm not exactly sure where it would fit in our tiny space, but I can definitely try to make it work!

Belly Shots

39 Weeks and counting.
We can't wait to meet our little man!


Teaching Tuesday

When my doctor advised me to stop working a week earlier than I was planning on it's safe to say I panicked! She didn't understand and said, "Most people are thrilled to stop working." Well, all you teachers out there know what not going to work means...LESSON PLANS!

All I could think about was an extra week of lesson plans I would be responsible for writing. Now, I should be able to quickly write out plans after 10 years of teaching; however, I am not! I try very hard to write plans for visiting teachers so that my class runs as close to "normal" as possible when I'm not there. And I am a little bit controlling, so releasing my class over to someone else is not an easy thing for me to do! So, needless to say it takes me FOREVER to write plans. I do use a template for each day of the week, which includes specific daily schedules. This does make it a little easier but it is still a very time consuming task for me.

Here's what I did: I made a folder for every day of the week that included detailed plans, charts, copies of homework, texts to read and anything else that was needed for the day. I also created a binder of important classroom/school information and a lesson plan book that contained all lessons that should be covered for the rest of the year. (Pictures below.)

I was tempted to just whip together some basic plans but I couldn't. I needed to give her a good idea of how a full week in our classroom flows. Does anyone else have these problems with writing lesson plans? What type of plans did you write for long term substitutes? Any good tips or pictures of your planning?


My friend is in labor!

My dear friend Katie just got to the hospital to deliver her second bundle of joy! I am so excited to see the little munchkin. Right after she called I went into "nesting" mode and started cleaning everything just in case I go into labor sooner than later.

To view some adorable newborn pictures you should visit this site

Birth Announcement

I love this birth announcement! I first saw it on one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo it is absolutely perfect! Too bad my husband and I are not nearly as cool as these two. :)

Mobile Options

Ok, so here are some mobiles I am loving. What do you think? Do you have any other favorites?

Helen Ige (designer)



All images from Ohdeedoh


Not One Less - Trailer

I watched this film years ago when I first started teaching and completely forgot the name of it. I found it yesterday! I love foreign films, so if you have any favorites you'd like to suggest please let me know.


My Talented and Wonderful Mom

My very creative and talented mother sewed all the bedding and accessories for my nursery. It turned out so wonderful I think she should start selling things on Etsy! What do you think?
*Just for the record, the pillows will NOT stay in the crib. I just wanted to get all of her handy work in the pic.

Belly Shots

Here is the latest shot of this ever growing belly of mine! He is getting nice and plump, and so am I!
38 Weeks.