Book of the Week

I am embarrassed to say I haven't purchased this book yet; however, I am so excited about getting it. I think it will have to be on a to do list for this weekend! If you have it please give me your review!

We've Been Married a Year???

I can not believe a year has pasted since we've said "I do"!

Here are some pictures from our day one year ago:

Hard Days Night

Being a 2 month old is hard work!

Gift Ideas for My Favorite 3 Year Old

My beautiful nephew is turning 3! Where does the time go? Here are some gift ideas I am throwing around. Do you have any other suggestions?
Beach Ball Sprinkler

Foam Bowling Set      

Mobile home        

Musical Band                    

Boob vs. Bottle...Guess who's winning?

So, little baby needs to take the bottle but is wanting nothing to do with it! We have been working on it consistently for weeks to no avail. We have tried everything short of grabbing strangers off the street to give it a go. This picture pretty much sums up his position with this issue.
Picture from http://www.hipfamily.com


Already Excited About Fall

I just received an email of BRIXTON's Fall Look Book and it got me so excited for fall! I know it's early but a girl can dream. Here are a few of my favorites. Go to their website to check out all of their great products!


I Ended Up Getting These...

So here is my first pair of Toms. I love them, but I have found that I can't really wear them with jeans (which I live in so it's kind of a disappointment). They just look a little off. I wore them with these pants they looked cute.

What do you wear your Toms with? Send pictures! I need style help.

Day Care? Daycare?

Today I am thinking a lot about daycare. I have signed up for one already but want to know if anyone has any other great AFFORDABLE day care recommendations in San Diego. I would love to have a few more options.

**Does anyone know the correct spelling of "daycare"? Is it one word or two? It is spelled both ways all over the internet.

If these guys were available I'd be all in!

Hello Again!

Well, after a little more than 7 weeks I am feeling more like a human. We have started cleaning our house, going to the store, and walking around the neighborhood. We even went to a BBQ at my best friend's house this past weekend, woo hoo! I will be trying to post regularly now. Here are two pictures of little O, 7 weeks old. I promise not to over do it with family pictures! :)