Break for Now

I will have to take a blogging break for now. All of my time is being taken up with work and family. I am NOT complaining. I plan on posting again in the not so distant future. :)


First Days of Daycare!

We have survived the first 3 days of daycare! Oliver seems to really like his teacher but is refusing the bottle! I was so upset and worried about it yesterday when I picked him up because I thought for sure on the second day he would give in and take it, ah, no! (looks like I've got a little stubborn guy). My fear of him not eating at daycare gave me the will power I needed to stop breast feeding during the day. I never thought this would bother me so much but it really does. I will probably start again after I know that he is consistently taking the bottle. I'm sorry to say that until then boobs will only be available at the late night feeding. When I got home I needed to try to give him a bottle (the thought of it made me cringe) so I poured myself a glass of wine to relax a little before the screaming started. But to my complete surprise and utter happiness, he drank 5oz right away! He must have been really hungry because he didn't make one little whimper in refusal. He didn't do as well at daycare, but did eat a little more than he did the first two days so we're making bits of progress.
If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!