Thanksgiving Art

Here is my attempt at this amazing blogger's project. Ollie had fun "coloring" with his Crayolas but even more fun wearing his "hat". We also made one for cousin Lucas to wear at our Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you Mer Mag for this cute craft.
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Family Photo Holiday Cards? Yes or No?

The ever popular holiday photo card, love it or hate it? I don't know about you, but I  get annoyed when I receive a holiday card with a beautiful family photo, but not even one hand written word from the sender. Yes, I love seeing the pictures of the little ones, but I feel a little cheated that most of the time the sender doesn't do anything but address the card (sometimes not even that). So, I am trying to balance it out and indulge in the photo card but also write a little something to personalize it a bit. Here are a few I am thinking about.
                                These two adorable cards come from Pinhole Press
This sweet and simple card is one of Tiny Prints many photo card options