"Pre" Teenager Bedroom

 Image via Apartment Therapy
My stepson just promoted from 6th grade and is going into Middle School. I can't believe it! Since he is going into middle school (I so don't envy him. Would you like to go to middle school again? Ugh!) I would like to give his room a little make-over (on a very small budget).
Right now his room is very basic. ( I will add some photos before I make any changes.)
I would like to create some design inspiration boards so he can visualize what it could look like. I am having a hard time finding ideas. When I search I find really generic looking "themed" rooms, which I HATE! Like a "surfer" room or a "rock n roll" room. I was able to find one piece of inspiration from my idol, Nicole Balch, from Making It Lovely. She shared this idea for a teenage boy's room. Love it! The coolest thing about it is that she follows the "teenage boy" into adulthood and shows how he would be able to re-purpose a lot of the furniture. Genius!

Please let me know if you have any ideas about where to find some inspiration for this project!


  1. Are you on Pinterest? I'm sure you could find tons of cool inspiration for his room there. :)

  2. No, but I'm going to check it out right now! Thanks Grace. I was very sad to hear about your change, I hope you are going to be able to use your great eye and talents somewhere else very soon!