Teaching Tuesday- My Great Debaters

About a week ago I did a shared reading using an article called "Are Zoos Bad News?". The purpose of using this text was for the students to identify facts and opinions. However, it lent itself to taking a position on the topic of zoos. My students took off with it! They decided they wanted to have a debate about whether or not zoos are "bad news". It has been such a blast. We have never had a debate in class before and I couldn't be happier that the students are so into it.

A few years ago I watched the movie Resolved. I loved it and was so inspired by the passion the kids had for debating. What I didn't like, or understand for that matter, is why all the students in debate today have to speak so FAST? Does anyone know the reason for that? Besides being able to get more arguments & evidence within a certain about of time, I just don't get it. I myself know little to nothing about debate, so I have been trying to do some research to better prepare my students for their arguments.

It has been so wonderful seeing students that I wouldn't expect to get excited about this get really involved.


Oliver's First Birthday

We celebrated Oliver's first birthday on Saturday. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day and we got to spend it outside with friends and family.

About the party:
I love thinking about and planning party details from the invitations to the music playing during the festivities, BUT being a new, working mom I wasn't able to spend too much time planning. The invitations were Evites! I know, but it worked people showed up! The whole party was very simple not too much planning involved. We served a vegetable platter, chips, pretzels, soda and the rainbow cake. I didn't get a start on the cake until 10pm the night before, so I was up for awhile, but it was so much fun making I didn't mind. The cake batter with food coloring looked like I was doing an art project.

I am REALLY not good at baking, so I cheated a bit and used store bought white cake mix instead of making it from scratch. I did making the frosting. It turned out great. Not as pretty as the recipe's photo, but I was happy with the results. Oliver ate it (too much)!

A few more pictures.