Teaching Tuesday-Test Scores

The results of my students state test scores have been released, the wait is over. I usually get really excited to see my students test scores. I know that sounds so nerdy, but it's true! Many teachers will debate me on this topic, but I kind of grade myself according to how well my students perform. The state test is the only tangible proof that my students retained what was learned throughout the school year. I know you can't measure a student's intelligence or academic growth with just one test, but like I said it's as close to tangible proof as I am going to get .
All year my students learn and study state standards which they are then tested on. If my job is to ensure they understand the grade level standards then I should take responsibility for their test scores (to a degree of course). I know there are MANY other outside factors involved with student achievement and many people put the blame on them when achievement is low, but discount them when achievement is high. I can't do that. I need to feel that I can make a difference and that what I'm doing matters. Otherwise why am I teaching?

Well when I viewed the results today my heart sank. I really have to get my head around what I did or didn't do last year that attributed to their decline. The feeling of helping students toward academic progress is thrilling and I need to feel that again!

What do you think about this? I really can't believe it was printed, poor teacher!

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