I have to admit that it wasn't until recently that I was an Ikea fan. I don't know if my style has changed or theirs has, but I LOVE it now. I had a few minutes to sit down and look through the new catalog the other night and here are a few of my favorites:
In order of appearance: Kivik Chaise $399.00
(In the catalog they had two of them next to each other so it looked like a very deep love seat. I love that idea!)
Ikea 365+ Brasa Pendant Lamp $49.99
Vilmie Figur Cushion Cover $10.00 (Love this pattern.)
Vilmie Rund Throw $12.99, Sofia Fabric $7.99/yd
(In the catalog they had a really cute oversized pillow made from this fabric.)
Britten Dorr Fabric $3.99/yd
(I was thinking about using this to make a shower curtain for the boys' bathroom)
Alvine Rand Rug $159.00
Vika Alex Drawer Unit $79.99
(In the catalog they have a few of these drawer units next to each other. It looks really organized and sleek.)
Barometer Work Lamp $49.99

After looking at the Ikea web site I just discovered you can download images of one of their featured designers' fabrics to your desktop! Isn't that cool???

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