My Mantra: "For Pete's Sake, Stop Worrying."

I am returning to work this week! I am trying to stay positive and optimistic so I don't loose it when I  take Oliver to daycare. I am confident that he will be great because he will be in competent hands but I'm going to miss hugging and kissing him all day!

I have always been a worry wort. When I was about 8 years old my dad wrote this quote on my alligator chalkboard, "Don't worry about things you can't control, only about things you can." I have repeated this to myself over the years and will never forget him writing that for me. So many years later I still need a reminder about not worrying! So, when I saw this in Real Simple magazine I had to cut it out and put it on my chalkboard (I wish I still had the alligator one). It makes me smile and think of my dad (and his name is Peter!).

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