Teaching Tuesday

I love technology.
Ah, Spring Break. We are on a year-round schedule at my school site, so we actually have the entire month of April off! Don't hate me. We do have to teach through most of July. 

During my break I plan on taking a few technology based courses my district is offering. We have recently received Promethean Interactive Whiteboards , which are absolutely amazing. The technology has completely changed the way I teach. There are so many amazing things the Promethean board can do, so I need to take a few more classes to learn as much as I can. 
I have been doing the best I can given the small amount of training I've had. So far I have made Flipcharts on my computer to teach from (AWESOME, I'm using so much less chart paper). I have also used a software program called ActivEngage which allows students to respond to questions that I send to their laptops. The kids and I LOVE it.
One of the courses I plan on taking teaches about a program called Kurzweil. I don't know a lot about this program, but I do know it has the capability to read text to students. This can help a lot with a FEW students. I need to learn if it's applicable to more students that DON'T need a lot of reading support. 
Do any of you use Promethean Whiteboards in your classrooms? I would love to hear about how you incorporate them into your daily lessons. 
Happy Spring Break to you all!


  1. Wow, this looks interesting! Have you heard of the Khan Academy? It's my latest obsession. Sal Khan was a speaker this year at the TED convention and Bill Gates just donated 1.5 million to his academy. It's interactive teaching where kids to the lessons at home and do the homework in class. Teachers are provided with a dashboard to see individual progress. And the best part? It's all free. Glad you're back:)

  2. Wow, I am going to have to check that out. I am glad to be back! :)