Teaching Tuesday (night)

Since we are currently on Spring Break and I'm not teaching in the classroom I am going to do something different for Teaching Tuesday.
I would like to share some of the children's books we read to Oliver. My friends gave me a book themed baby shower, which was awesome, so my little man had a small library before he even came into this world.  Books have been read to Oliver since he was 2 weeks old, and it has been amazing to see the different roles books play in his life as he develops.
One of his favorite books right now is: Hey, Wake Up! by Sandra Boynton. Her books are adorable. Simple, yet funny and engaging. We read it every morning :)

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  1. Hi Sam,

    Love your post and Oliver's super cute pic. I'm recently obsessed with baby books too. Cora's favourite is "I Know a Rhino". It's awesome!

    We'll have to get the kiddos together again while you are spring break.