Let the Grading Begin!

A few years ago I decided to try an online grade book organizer (I won't say the name of it.), but it was NOT teacher friendly at all. So after hearing about TeacherEase (Hello, the name says it all!), I decided to try again. I am so sick of recording grades in tiny little columned sections and then creating bi-weekly progress reports for parents! TeacherEase does it all for you (well not the actual grading)! Once you have submitted grades, you can create and print reports by class, subject, or individual student. AWESOME!

The first three teachers at your site get a one year FREE subscription! If you refer others, TeacherEase will reward you with a few more months free.

I highly suggest trying out this software. If you know of any other online grading systems that you have used and love, PLEASE let me know!

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