Oliver's First Birthday

We celebrated Oliver's first birthday on Saturday. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day and we got to spend it outside with friends and family.

About the party:
I love thinking about and planning party details from the invitations to the music playing during the festivities, BUT being a new, working mom I wasn't able to spend too much time planning. The invitations were Evites! I know, but it worked people showed up! The whole party was very simple not too much planning involved. We served a vegetable platter, chips, pretzels, soda and the rainbow cake. I didn't get a start on the cake until 10pm the night before, so I was up for awhile, but it was so much fun making I didn't mind. The cake batter with food coloring looked like I was doing an art project.

I am REALLY not good at baking, so I cheated a bit and used store bought white cake mix instead of making it from scratch. I did making the frosting. It turned out great. Not as pretty as the recipe's photo, but I was happy with the results. Oliver ate it (too much)!

A few more pictures.


  1. Happy Birthday Oliver! And hello, the cake looks so good! So cute.