My Talented and Wonderful Mom

My very creative and talented mother sewed all the bedding and accessories for my nursery. It turned out so wonderful I think she should start selling things on Etsy! What do you think?
*Just for the record, the pillows will NOT stay in the crib. I just wanted to get all of her handy work in the pic.


  1. Love, Love , Love the nursery! The bedding turned out gorgeous:) Your mom definitely needs to start selling all her stuff on Etsy. She is so talented!!! And Etsy is one of my favorite sites to shop:) Love and miss you and cant wait for the little mans arrival!

  2. Thanks Heath! I completely agree. I can't wait to meet the little man either! Hope all is well. XOXO

  3. Hi Sam,
    It's a great site. I'm sure you will have lots of wonderful ideas to share with everyone. Wish Grandma could see it. She'll hear about it for sure.Love it :)
    xoxo Mom

  4. Hi Sam, LOVE the nursery. and yes your sweet mom did a fabulous job and should definitely sell on Etsy (my favorite site). I'm so happy you started a blog. I'm really into blogs right now and was thinking of starting my own. Can't wait to see what comes next and see pics of your lil oliver. Miss you,

  5. Thanks Stephanie! We are anxiously awaiting Oliver's arrival. Any day now. You should definitely start a blog! Let me know a few you follow I am always looking for new ones.
    Take care. :)

  6. Hi Sammy! The blog is looking great! I seem to be a little obsessed with blogs right now also ever since I started planning your baby shower and bella's birthday party. So many fun creative ideas out there and such a great way to find them. So far my favs are Under the Table and Dreaming and TomKat Studio. Also love Ollie B boutique for really cute custom shirts for kids. I could spend all day looking at blogs - there are so many great ideas for party planning and decorating (both my favorite things to do:) Anyway, maybe soon once I gather all my creative thoughts I can find time to write them down also! Can't wait to meet little Olivier! Love and miss you lots! H